Circle From Segment

Circular segment relative to circle

I was looking at some curved edging pavers online at the ‘orange box-store’ site, and saw a comment from “acer”: Info needed on circle sizes and how many needed to make different size circles so as to make a round circle without ‘weaving’.
My curiosity aroused, a google Internet search turned up some rather difficult pages (like this one). Most people I know are not truly proficient at mathematics, so for ‘acer’, and other seekers, here is my simplified method for:

How to calculate a circle from a segment or chord:

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The Old GMRAD Business Portal


The Old GMRAD Business Portal

The Old GMRAD Business Portal

Welcome to my Blog. This used to be my Gregg Morrison R & D business site, but I closed that company in the last weeks of 2012. Now this is my personal blog site; a place where I can share some of my scientific and technical expertise with you.

This blog is geared mostly towards technical and scientific subjects, and I will try to keep them interesting, though these can get very technical. I will occasionally go into social matters that affect me, my friends, and our grandchildren. Yours, too.  I’m an old retired Navy Senior Chief, so don’t expect any sugar-coating on things I say or write about. I tell you this now because I might not share your opinion on some matters. So if (or when) I say something here that offends you, or gets your panties in a bunch, feel free to leave.  Go bitch about it in your own blog. I don’t apologize for the truth, and “Frankly, Scarlett…Continue reading