The Old GMRAD Business Portal



The Old GMRAD Business Portal

The Old GMRAD Business Portal

Welcome to my Blog. This used to be my R & D business site, but I closed that company in the last weeks of 2012. Now this is my personal blog site; a place where I can share some of my scientific and technical expertise with you.

This blog is geared mostly towards technical and scientific subjects, and I will try to keep them interesting, though these can get very technical. I will occasionally go into social matters that affect me, my friends, and our grandchildren. Yours, too.  I’m an old retired Navy Senior Chief, so don’t expect any sugar-coating on things I say or write about. I tell you this now because I might not share your opinion on some matters. So if (or when) I say something here that offends you, or gets your panties in a bunch, feel free to leave.  Go bitch about it in your own blog. I don’t apologize for the truth, and “Frankly, Scarlett…

Career-wise, I’m best described as a ‘semi-retired’ technology and science consultant and an inventor. While I still have dozens of [other] inventions and technologies, I’m not developing  them because it is just not worth the effort anymore.  Bureaucracy, regulations, taxes, insurance, and all manner of other business interference have minimized any joy or personal rewards, and have killed the motivation to work.  My country has changed.

This hungry mutation of “my” United States of America towards a fascist, socialist, censored state is an abomination to everything I’ve defended and worked towards in my life.    Recent generations [of Americans] have been so thoroughly indoctrinated [by government and media], that they are oblivious to what is really going on; they approximate human cattle, having no more understanding of where they are being led than the rest of thebewildered herd“.

Pretty pastures are not for the benefit of the cattle. It’s the easy way to keep the cattle happy — up to the time they go to the butcher!   There are a few (well-heeled) prize steers out there, but you have to know that the rest [of the cattle] will be harvested for the table, shoes, and handbags.

The ‘prize steers‘ in the Executive, Legislative, and even the Judicial branch of our government are not only allowing this; they appear to be driving this progressive Socialist agenda for our country.   These days, our government systematically punishes success and actively discourages — even blocks — true innovation and enterprise. Check it out for yourself: It is now easier to run a business in the former Soviet Union than it is to do it here in the “free” USA.

So I have decided that I am now retired and I will just take it easy from now on.  I am too old to drive myself that hard anymore, and I can get by quite well without doing any business at all.   I am certainly not going to work more to keep less!

Over my life, I have led diverse professional careers in the military, in electronics, in software development, in security, and in the sciences.  I have traveled the world extensively, have built (and closed) companies,  and I have earned (and lost) millions of dollars.  While I’m not considered very ‘rich’, I am relatively comfortable because I’ve come to accept that my own needs are actually quite modest.   You see, true wealth is not determined by how much you actually have; It is determined by how much you still want.

I want…” will make you poor and keep you there.

It took me most of a lifetime to learn that, no matter how much one already has, so long as a person (or government) still wants more, they are actually very poor because their ‘want’ cannot be satisfied.


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