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Say Big Numbers

Back in 2003, when I invented my InfiniROM security infrastructure, I had to deal with some big numbers that were thousands of digits long. It was not easy.   So I wrote a little one-of-a-kind Windows™ utility to help me put those numbers into a proper numeric and pronounceable format.

HugeNum Screen

HugeNum Utility Default Screen

This little utility will textify (spell out) numbers hundreds of digits long and copy both the Comma-delimited number and its correct numeric name into the clipboard for immediate paste into documents or other applications.

Please note that this HugeNum utility expresses numbers in the U.S. Short Format (where a Billion is 9 zeros) and NOT in the British Long format (where a Billion is 12 zeros – a U.S. Trillion).

Large Numbers in Perspective
A Septillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1024). See Nayu Kim’s page at .
For an easy-to-read page on number nouns beyond 100 digits, I suggest Steve Olson’s ‘Big-Ass Numbers’ page

What else can I tell you? The HugeNum Default Screen (see image above) shows you what you want to know. Enjoy!

Free Download: Huge Numbers Windows Utility

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